General Data Protection Regulation

What is


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is the new European Law Beginning from May 2018.

With this document we will cover:

Client's Data stored in Our Portal

  •  How we handle your data stored there
  •  Who has access
  •  Personal Domain data handling
  •  Extra possibilities to protect your account

Hosting Accounts (server data)

  •  Data Responsibility
  •  How we handle terminated accounts
  •  Ability to access the data anytime
  •  Ability to Download your data
  •  Encrypted Communication for services
  •  Protection from cross account hacking

Info about Backups Kept by us

  •  Secure ways of keeping backups
  •  Who can access your data
  •  Ability to handle your backups
  •  What happens when you terminate an account

All about Security

  •  How to secure the communication with us
  •  Changes after May 2018 on un-encrypted communication
  •  How we handle data leaking

Data Stored on our Portal

Hosting Accounts